Colorado Advocacy


Why does advocacy matter?

When done effectively, advocacy influences public policy by providing a conduit for individuals and organizations to voice an opinion.  These efforts can, in turn, sway public opinion, garner press coverage, and ultimately provide policymakers an opportunity to respond to constituents’ needs.


Are nonprofits allowed to advocate?

YES! There are lots of ways nonprofits can advocate to improve policies, programs, and services for healthcare IT —without without running afoul of any federal laws or jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.


What does Chapter Advocacy do?

Chapter advocacy efforts consist of two main events:

  • Connecting with and educating legislative stakeholders during Advocacy Day in the Spring

  • We:

    • Represent Colorado at a national and global level with other chapters that are part of CATF (Chapter Advocacy Task Force).

    • Assess the impact of Colorado state bills that are up for review and connect with influencers in and around the State House to offer our viewpoint on their impact and potential.

    • Connect with other healthcare and healthcare IT associations and organizations that have the mission of improving healthcare in America through IT.

    • Weave advocacy through all the educational events that Chapter offers.


How can Chapter members get involved?

Interested in optimizing health engagements and care outcomes through information technology across the State of Colorado? We are looking for individuals who:

  • Like to research bills and legislation, parse out the important aspects and summarize for others

  • Are interested in organizing or participating in "road trips" to the state house, town halls, and initiative-related events

  • Feel curious about Colorado State government processes and how you can make an impact

  • Are looking to expand themselves professionally within the HIT industry through education and relationships at the local level


If any of these characteristics sound like you, we'd love to have you. Please contact to learn more.